SHERLOCK: The authentic sink mixer from a different perspective!

For years we have been tempted to work on something called Neo-Retro.

At the request of one of our client, we decided to move on in 2013.

The design brief was somewhere confusing as it went close to :
“we want this faucet to be timeless , retro, classic AND modern!”.

Here you go…

After few sketches, we quickly decided to stay simple.
We build some classic shapes on the body.
Gave a touch of feminine elegance using a slender upper part.

Ok for the classic side… but?

The modern part came from the super slim spout and the very distinctive handle.

Our biggest challenge was to decide whether or not we would dare the tuft.

Few animated discussion later and even more rendering, we decided to go for it.

SHERLOCK will be grounded in tradition while daring to be different.

The production will start this fall.

Keep posted 🙂