Awa-O3 fighting the spread of disease, infection and illness

World Health Organization and health authorities are promoting Hand Hygiene thanks to the international “SAVE LIVES – Clean Your Hands – No action today; no cure tomorrow” campaign.

Awa Faucet O3 helps preventing the spread of cross contamination, disease, infection and illness by improving the efficiency of hand hygiene.

Awa Faucet O3 delivers Ozonated water which kills over 99.9% of common bacterias in as short as 10 second.
For exemple: E-Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium difficile…

Because Ozone is one of the nature’s most powerful disinfectant, Awa O3 helps kill bacteria even without the use of alcohol or disinfectant gels.

It reduces the risk of negligence in the routine procedures of hand washing in kitchens, hospitals, schools,…

Ozonated water does not smell and does not irritate skin.

Awa-O3 can be easily installed in existing bathroom and does not need any refill or special maintenance.

Awa-O3 faucets are activated by touch-less IR sensors which eliminate the need to touch the faucet to activated it.
They also helps saving water.

Awa-O3 are designed for use in restaurants, schools, public space, food courts, fast food, convenient stores, medical facilities…

For the most demanding environments we use Corian® by Dupont® to improve ease of maintenance and cleaning.