The design team of AWA Faucet Ltd scores again.

OPHIR washbasin faucet wows the Red Dot Product Design Award 2013.

“Elegant minimalism paired with perfect craftsmanship are the key features of this stylish tap.”

Taipei, April 2013. The jury of the impressive first-class design awards honored OPHIR with two thumbs up. This incredibly stylish faucet catches the attention, thanks to a remarkable blend of elegant minimalism and perfect craftmanship.

Purist lines, top quality and balanced proportions are the hallmark of this tap which also eschews any sharp edges to ensure optimal handling.

This European designed masterpiece benefits the outstanding skills of Taiwan’s manufacturing.

European wisdom and Taiwan excellence

The production of OPHIR is located in Taiwan, this way to benefit the skillful and experienced expertise of Taiwan, in high precision CNC machining. This results in a premium manufacturing quality product, for a maximum durability.

Also with practicality in mind, the maintenance of OPHIR is simple as efficient. If the aerator gets obstructed by limescale, and needed to be cleaned, just take a coin from your pocket, and unscrew the “coin-slot” aerator for the operation. This handy aerator with water-saving function is made by the finest and top-of-the-line german manufacturer: Neoperl.

The body is molded with high quality recyclable brass, for better handling after its cycle of life. The cartridge is a high quality model with durable ceramic discs by KCG in Taiwan.

Available in Modern chrome, Mat black and the stunning Seamless chrome and black finish.