REFLEX: Automatic response to ecological reflections

REFLEX by AWA Design, is made with practicality as the major driving factor behind its conception.

Washing hand will become an innate action, such as a reflex response.
Just reach your hand in front of this elegantly balanced faucet, and the water will fill your palm with a gentle stream.

In the collective effort for environmental concern, the REFLEX is equipped with a water-saving aerator, which ensure the tremendous saving of 40% of the water flow. Combined with the INFRA-RED technology, it delivers only the needed amount of water.

On top of that, this faucet represents the most hygienic alternative, since no touching is involved in the hand washing process.

For this main and specific use, it only delivers cold water, so the installation only requires one flexible hose to connect. For all these reasons, REFLEX is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious citizen.