Who We Are

AWA Faucet

French Design. Faucet Crafter.

Awa Faucet Ltd offers French designed Bathroom and Kitchen Taps.

We are dedicated to our partners such as Architects, Interior designer, Plumbers, Hotels, DIY Retailers, Distributors and Consumers.


Our designs have been recognized and awarded by the prestigious German Red Dot product design.

2012 marks the starting point of Awa Faucet Brand. The idea was hatched to bring European design with superior quality in Taiwan, with the benefit of 30 years of local experience in producing commercial and residential faucets.


We are family size business who cares about quality and service.

All our products are designed to be easy to install, convenient to use, and help save water and energy.

Each tap is built to last and is made using the quality components from top European brands and superior manufacturing technologies.


Awa Taps are approved by the French Ministry of Health as complying with the regulation about materials in contact with drinking water (ACS).