At Awa Faucet, we believe that fancy looking machines are not sufficient.

Superior craftsmanship cannot be achieved without skilled workforce and experienced leaders.
With that in mind we made the decision to locate our production at the heart of the Taiwan Faucet Cluster, home of the best faucet manufacturing.
Here, companies specialize in one trade and excel at it.

There is no short-cut to quality.
Managers and employees truly care about reputation and excellence.

鑄造 Casting - AWA Faucet


Sand Casting
Gravity Casting
Low pressure die casting
High grade brass ingots
ACS, DIN, Low Lead brass available

機件 Machining - AWA Faucet


Years of expertise in world class machining
High speed precision CNC
Multi-axis machinery
Clearly defined dimensional tolerances
Online metrology control

拋光打磨 Polishing - AWA Faucet


Highly skilled technicians
Stable long term workforce
Constant visual monitoring


Deep and Shiny Chrome platings
PVD Coating

組裝 Assembling - AWA Faucet


Assembled with care
Attention to details
Water ways cleaned to remove casting dust
Torque test on cartridge nut
Protection used during handling
Constant visual control

品質監控 Controlling - AWA Faucet


100% water test on finish product
ISO 9001 System implemented