COR IR Touch-Less Bathroom Sink Mixer

COR IR Touch-Less Bathroom Sink Mixer

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Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Black


Bath Shower


COR IR Touch Less brings professional innovations to your bathroom!
Build using high-end solid-surface the top part is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Automatically operated, by electronics sensors that detect your hands and switch on the water without contact, you can improve hygiene and reduce the risk of germs contamination.


節水龍頭 Water-Efficient Taps  永續物料 Recyclable Materials

  • Water saving: Switched on only when you need water.
  • 40% water saving aerator.
  • Cold water (not possible to adjust the water temperature).
  • Battery operated.

High quality components to help you to enjoy SYDNEY over the years:

  • German made Coin-slot aerator
  • Aerator can be change without tools (a simple coin will do the job)
  • Solid-Surface for easy cleaning and long life.
  • Taiwan electronics.

Proudly Made in Taiwan.

With a brass body made this product is built with superior workmanship and maximum durability.

Spout Height: 12.5cm
Spout Reach: 12.5cm
Total Height: 14cm
Number of handle: 0
Number of Hole: 1
Number of Basin: 1
Working Pressure: 0.5 to 5 Bars

Product no.: C327


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